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Club Sport Travel

Special Orders are required for all team activities except for practices or meetings that do not interfere with cadet obligations per the Cadet Training Schedule. Request for Special Orders and an itemized list of other needs (e.g., uniforms, entry, official, sports medicine, transportation, accommodations, food, field prep, etc.) are due in Deas Hall 202 via a Request for Special Orders not later than 1200 on preceding Mondays.

Members who are not in good-standing with Club Sports will not be included on Special Orders. Good-standing, in general, means that a completed Player Packet is on file, and dues are paid. It is responsibility of team captains to make sure that those requested for orders are in good-standing. It is responsibility of individual players to review and abide by published Special Orders.

Attendance of a faculty or staff advisor, coach or team volunteer is required for most competitions and for all overnight trips. It is the responsibility of team captains to ensure that all advisors, coaches and team volunteers have completed and submitted a Coaching Packet.

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