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Programs of Study

The following programs of study are offered by the Chemistry Department:

Bachelor of Science

B.S. in Chemistry: Intended for those students who plan to enter graduate, medical, dental, veterinary, or other professional schools; military service; and positions in industry. A specific curriculum will be developed in consultation with the student’s academic advisor to fit each student’s specific career goals. 

B.S. with Biochemistry Specialization: Students who have a particular interest in biochemistry or those who intend to enter medical, dental, veterinary, or similar professional schools are encouraged to choose this major. American Chemical Society accreditation is available.

B.S. with American Chemical Society Accreditation: Students who wish to pursue research-related careers (chemical, medical, industrial) should consider taking the courses to complete the American Chemical Society approved program. Students completing these additional requirements are awarded a certificate by the American Chemical Society documenting their status as professional chemists and are frequently given preferential treatment as candidates for professional positions.

Bachelor of Arts

B.A. in Chemistry: Provides great flexibility in choosing electives which permits the design of a program to fit the student’s individual aspirations. This degree is intended for those students who wish to combine a technical background with a liberal arts education.

B.A. with Teaching Specialization: Provides a broad background in chemistry and the natural sciences to prepare students to teach at the secondary school level. In this program, the student must make a formal application for admission to the School of Education for the Internship in Teaching. Scholarships are available to those interested in pursuing this degree!


Chemistry Minor: The minor in chemistry will provide students with a stronger background in chemistry than they would obtain from the requirements in the core curriculum. It is designed to acquaint students with the more advanced theories and techniques that are illustrated in the major subfields of chemistry. The minor totals 18 credit hours.

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