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…our son called to say that CSI was hard but achievable, so we knew the immediate value of CSI.
csi 01
…the classroom instruction was top notch!
csi 02
…CSI removed so many worries and helped our cadet relax. He is ready to take on the challenges he will face.
csi 03
…CSI gave our son a friend base that I did not expect.
csi 04
…CSI kept our son focused on his goal and helped him get ready for “The Road less Traveled.”
csi 05
…our son came home with a new village of friends. My husband and I also have a new village of parents that we will lean on for the next four years and keep in touch with after graduation.
csi 06
…the ability to earn college credit is huge!
csi 07
…our son made so many friends at CSI! He met up with his CSI group before matriculation day.
csi 08
…his leader helped him gain confidence that he did not have before CSI.
csi 09
…the program was so wonderful; our cadet could not wait to return for matriculation!
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All CSI (Citadel Success Institute) students are required to take academic courses, which help to ease the transition between high school academics and the academic requirements at The Citadel. Students will work on writing, reading and study skills while adjusting to college-level schoolwork in a supportive environment where study time is built into the daily schedule, and students are encouraged to work with their professors as well as with the CSI and Citadel support staff to excel academically.

On the Registration form, students will select their FIRST-choice for their course as well as SECOND- and THIRD-choice courses. In the event that their first- or second- choices are full, students will be placed in their second- or third-choice course. We will do our best to place each student in his/her first-choice, but this cannot be guaranteed due to space constraints.

1.     LDRS 101: First-Year Seminar provides the academic and life skills that help students make a successful transition to the unique environment of The Citadel. Students will develop their academic skills (reading, listening, note-taking, test-taking, time management, research skills, etc.) and will be introduced to campus facilities, resources, and support services. Some attention will also be given to lifestyle and relationship issues as well as to foundational leadership concepts. Students taking LDRS 101 during CSI should purchase and read the book A Few Good Men prior to the CSI start date in June (Session 1) and July (Session 2). LDRS 101 is not offered to those students taking MATH 119 because this math class is a 4-hour course.

2.     MATH 119: College Algebra & Trigonometry is provided as a stepping stone for those students who must take MATH 131 (Analytic Geometry and Calculus I), which is required for all students pursuing a major or minor in Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science, or Chemistry.  It is a required course for those students who major in Construction Engineering.

The following class matrix may help your student choose the appropriate classes:




 BADM 110: Computer Applications   in Business

 Business Administration


 General Elective for other majors   except Engineering

 RPED 260: Fitness Resiliency   Wellness

 Required class for all majors

 CRMJ 201: Introduction to   Criminal  Justice

Criminal Justice

 May be a General Elective for   various majors

 INTL 201: Introduction to   Intelligence Studies


 May be a General Elective for   various majors

 MATH 105:  Finite Mathematics

 MATH 119: Precalculus**

 Students may be placed in an   alternative Math class based on   Math Placement Test scores.

 BS Chemistry

 Civil Engineering

 Computer Science

 Electrical Engineering


 Mechanical Engineering


 Construction Engineering 

Listed majors require MATH 131,   and MATH 119 is the pre-requisite


 RPED 155:  Health & Nutrition 

 Optional Activity; however, will   replace  the second required   activity that is a graduation   requirement for all majors.  Highly   recommended for all students, but   is vital for those who may not meet   height/weight requirements.

**To enroll in this course, students MUST take the Math Placement Exam (MPE) and receive notification of placement from the Mathematical Sciences Department. Information regarding the MPE will be sent to you by email in the spring.

***To guarantee your class placement, please pay the balance due within 30 days of payment availability. 

Bills will generate once you are placed into a class.***


***Due to the short duration of the CSI semester, class changes will only be allowed when necessary on the FIRST day of class.***


If you have any questions regarding class choice, please contact

1. COL Chris Fudge, Assistant Provost for Academic Affairs at 843-953-5705 or

2. MAJ Melinda Norris, Assistant Director, CSI at 843-953-6773 or


--UPDATED 12/06/2019--


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