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Intramurals at The Citadel

Intramurals are an integral part of cadet life with year-long competitive activities in individual sports and cadet company team sports. First and foremost cadets should have fun playing intramurals but participation also provides opportunities to develop leadership skills.

Fall 2016

Deas Hall Orientation (All Freshmen)
Inner Tube Water Polo (All Freshmen)
Kickball (All Upperclassmen)
Cornhole (All Cadets)
Air Pistol (Freshmen Women)
Air Pistol (Freshmen Men)
Dodgeball (All Freshmen)
Flag Football (All Upperclassmen)
Flag Football (Women)
Flag Football (All Freshmen)
Badminton Singles (All Cadets)
Badminton Doubles (All Cadets)
Table Tennis (All Cadets)
Soccer (Open)
3-on-3 Basketball (Open Coed)
3-on-3 Basketball (Open Women)
Volleyball (Open)
Swim Meet (All Cadets)
Billiards (All Cadets)

Spring 2017

5-on-5 Basketball (All Cadets)
Racquetball (All Cadets)
Indoor Soccer (Open)
Weight Lifting (All Cadets)
Arena Football (Open)

Wrestling (All Cadets)
Team Handball (All Freshmen)
Ultimate Frisbee (Open)
Darts (All Cadets)
Tennis (All Cadets)
Softball (All Cadets)
Beach Volleyball (Open)
Quadathlon (All Cadets)

Events listed are planned for the school year. A detailed weekly schedule is published each Friday. Look for it on the Company Bulletin Board and this website.

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